Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A letter to my daughter on her birthday

Hello small one,

Today is your 2nd birthday, you are 2 years old! Some of the days have seemed so long but the years have passed by like minutes. 2 years old is still so small yet at the same time it feels like you've always been a part of our life.

We see more of your personality every day. You are so funny and seem to enjoy making people laugh. You are kind and generous (except when it comes to your new cosy coupe). You always offer your food and toys to people that don't have any, even strangers sometimes. You are so clever and creative, you seem to come out with new words all the time and you adore anything that involves paint, stickers, crayons or pens.

You were recently described as 'defiant' by a stranger which at first made me feel a little uneasy and worried. Now however, I am proud of your defiant streak even though it can be very draining sometimes! You are a fiery, ferocious little soul filled to the brim with curiosity and passion. You have a light in you that gives me strength in my weakest moments. You are very aware of what you want and you are not shy letting the world know it.
You are incredibly affectionate you have so much love inside you and it's love that I most want to talk to you about today.

In a couple of months your little sister will be born and all our lives will change. I feel guilty sometimes that you are too little for me to help you to understand exactly what is about to happen and I hope that you know your dad and I still love you more then anything.

Love you will come to learn is infinate. When you were born your dad and I loved you immensely but that love has only grown the more we get to know you. Love continues to grow and multiplies when it is nurtured and cared for.

When your sister is born we will love her immensely too but this does not take away any love we have for you, love isn't shared in that way. The love we have for your sister is completly new and will grow the same way our love for your grows all the time.

I hope one day at least you will love your sister too. I am so excited for her to meet you and to see all the funny mischief you will both bring to me and your dad. Sure, some days I'll probably feel like selling you both on eBay but deep down I wouldn't change it for anything.

Happy birthday beautiful, never stop being able to breathe fire.