Monday, 19 October 2015

An unexpected bath

Every mum has one of these stories, more then one probably.

The poo story.

Before becoming a mum I read lots of things and was told several times that poop will become a normal topic of conversation. I thought that in itself was a load of poop. I was wrong.

Yesterday morning Alice had a poop of epic proportions and decides to stomp in it and rub it all over her legs! 

Why didn't you hold her legs?! I hear you ask.

I did.

She's stomping and kicking whilst I'm half saying half shouting in my best mummy voice 'stop stop stop!' 
Did she stop? Not a chance. Instead she laughs. LAUGHS! It was a full on belly giggle at my poo pain.

Mid clean up (which wasn't successful at all if in being honest) the kicking begins again but this time poop is all over the changer, on the vest, on her belly (how is this possible?!) and all over my arms

'That's it! Bath time!!' 

And of course Alice was the most patient she's ever been waiting for a bath. No kicking or poop flinging. Typical.

There were a few moments where I was fuming and felt instantly guilty. But that was brilliant. How could anyone be angry looking at that cheeky face?

Good job she's cute! 


  1. Hahaha, oh no! I've been there- totally feel your pain!!! I love that picture of you both, and Alice is such a cutie :-) xx

    1. Every parent has a poop story haha! Gross! I was so annoyed but it was funny in the end :)

  2. Oh, meant to say, love the new blog look for autumn xx

    1. Thanks Helen! I am so rubbish with the whole layout thing :( trying to get better but it just ends up frustrating me!