Saturday, 31 December 2016

New Year 2016/2017

It feels like only 5 minutes ago I was sat at home New Year 2015/2016 wondering what the hell was going on with my life and if it was ever going to get better.

I made a promise to myself that instead of remembering 2015 as a terrible year of loss it would be remembered as the year I put my health first and made changes for the better. I knew one part of this recovery would be me looking in the mirror 9 months pregnant saying 'bring it on birth's and meaning it.

A year later and here I am sat sipping prosecco and cuddling a little baby, my second baby. I faced what was my biggest fear for a long time and overcame it spectacularly.
It's been a year of therapy, medication and support but it has all been worth it.

Sophie's birth was such a positive and liberating experience and it left me feeling healed from the previous trauma of Alice's birth.

I can't say it's a complete 'happily ever after'. I still have tough days with my mood but not feeling ashamed of how I feel has made this experience so much easier to live with me.

It is a wonderful feeling to be going into 2017 hopeful, happy and healthy when just one year ago I couldn't imagine ever feeling happy again.

So goodbye to a year of accomplishments and hello to a year of peace, happiness and sleep deprivation.

Happy new year :)

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