Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Mum moments

All parents have days where their small person or people seem to throw routine out the window and try something new. I don't know about other parents but I like to pretend I'm prepared for it, I can handle this, its to be expected with children but the truth is I can't. I feel like I forget everything and I spend most of the day flapping trying to keep up. There is a fine line between laughing about it or crying about it..or shouting...or all three sometimes. 

I had been dreading today a bit anyway because Alice was due her immunisations but in what now seems like a favour from the universe the nurse was sick so they have been postponed. 

Alice has developed a habit where most nights she is awake for 2 hours in the night for usually no apparent reason. Last night was no exception. We did the usual thing this morning, she plays with the loudest toy she can find while I get her milk and down some tea in an attempt to make myself feel a little human. A couple of hours of this is usually followed by a nap and time for me to get ready. Not today.

Today Alice decides nap time should be sooner then usual but wait mummy's in the shower, let me call to her continually. I ignore her, she'll settle soon I think. Big fat no. 

I give in eventually and bring her in the bedroom so I can put my make up on only due to decorating we don't have a bedroom door so I baracde the doorway with a bin and laundry bag. Initially she finds me swear muttering amusing until she discovers my bedside table is unmanned. She rummages through it and out come all manner of make up and toiletries. I leave it for as long as I can but have to stop her when she is about to empty the entire contents of a face wipe packet. This is met with a tantrum. 

We go downstairs for breakfast. The tantrum continues as she follows me round the kitchen like a puppy. She's hungry, clearly I didn't get the memo about the routine change and have failed to have nourishment ready. The winge tolerance meter is about to explode so in a desperate attempt to soothe the beast I give her some crisps. That's right, my small persons breakfast (or part of it) were some cheesy puffs. She loved it.

I continue breakfast making buying more time with more crisps then I hear a noise. I look down to see her emptying the recycling bin and at first she's taking it out to put it back, awww, I think. Another noise, again I turn, she is now trying to drink out of an empty milk carton! She's done this a few times now and I'm pretty convinced this is the way she's developed to tell me she wants a drink. 

Next is the porridge which goes down well but then dear lord the winging comes back! I can see the look on her face it screams 'where's my fucking cheese on toast!' Or it would if she knew the word fucking. 

Off I go again to make the cheese on toast, moving her away from bins and plug sockets as I do. We eat the cheese on toast (quite happily actually) and then she crawls into my lap and winges because again I missed the memo that NOW its nap time. 

Up to bed we go where finally she sleeps and I drink tea and eat cookies. 

Parenting is made up of lots of different moments. Some are full of worry like the moments when your child is ill, other moments are hilarious like when your child dances to Lady GaGa, some moments are stressful like when your child refuses to sleep...and other moments like today are a mixture of all 3. Although I wouldn't admit in the stressful moments I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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