Monday, 30 November 2015

Reasons to be glad #4

Disney at twat o'clock

It is a very rare occasion that my small person sleeps through the night, in fact so rare I can count all the times on one hand. When she DOES sleep through it means she's wide awake at 5am. Often shes awake super early even if she doesn't sleep through. 

Sometimes I cannot bear another episode of the friggin' Zing Zillas or Postman Pats special delivery service (special because he's shit at his job and nothing gets there on time). Sometimes there just isn't any kids TV on at twat o'clock, so instead we watch Disney.

Yes Alice STILL has milk from a bottle and we cuddle and everything! 

I put the kettle on, get the milk and cuppa ready then we cuddle up for the film. The older Alice gets the more she wants to move and play as opposed to sit and cuddle. These morning bottle/tea/movie moments are a small window where she will just sit and be cuddled and its lovely. 

It is pure mummy daughter time and I try not to take it for granted because there will come a day when she isn't willing to do this anymore...or she wants to watch the same film a million times in a row. 

It's especially lovely at the minute too because I get to re-live all the awesome stuff from my childhood with Alice...or at least introduce her to it and hope she enjoys it too. If she doesn't? She can empty the dryer happily while I re-live those moments by myself.

Some moments are even better now. Whenever I watch The Little Mermaid I always smile at Ursula because let's face it, she's awesome and because she was inspired by the drag performer Divine! 

Just going to leave this here..

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