Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Reasons to be glad #3

Tea. It is wonderful stuff. Along with coffee it is the fuel of mums (and nurses for that matter). Tea starts conversations, it is comforting, it is rewarding and it turns me into a human in the morning. 

I love everything about tea and the whole ritual of making a cuppa. I enjoy choosing the type of tea, the cup, whether to have it sweet or not. 

The first tea of the day is the 'good God is it even daytime?!' tea. It is usually at 6am, strong and bloody sweet. It is essential to getting my brain to start functioning. 

The second cup is the nap time cup and it is bliss! Alice is down, it is 2 hours of the day where I can have free time, do some me stuff and ignore the dishes and hoovering that I really should be doing instead. This cup is like a reward and if there is a chocolate hobnob floating around the cupboard even better! This cup of tea is always drunk hot which is a luxury. I get to drink hot cups of tea at work but they come in polystyrene cups so its not the same. 

The third and final cup is usually after the nap is finished and before dinner is started. It's the 'come on you can do this shit!' cup to give me the energy to make dinner, put the small one to bed and get ready for the next day.

Since becoming a mum tea has become a symbol of adult/child free time for me. I love being a mum but its hard, its non stop and there aren't scheduled breaks...sometimes there are no breaks. Tea for me is a mum break in a mug, a little daily reason to be glad.

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